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Workplace Absence & Disability Management

"Consultants and Brokers who work with Organizational Solutions enjoy more options and better pricing for their clients.

And now, thanks to our latest technology, Brokers can offer scalable solutions to clients of virtually any size."

Why Recommend OSI?

We reduce claims durations and costs for your clients

Early intervention and a proactive contact strategy are just two ways we deliver the best durations in the industry.

Exceptional Expertise and 20 years of experience

Over 1,100 clients across all industries. Professional Recovery Facilitators with certified medical and legal qualifications.

We offer advanced Software Solutions, Customized

One size does NOT fit all; that's why our proprietary software systems are flexible and designed to be customized.

No impact to your desired compensation

Along with the best people in the business, OSI offers flexible programs, a full range of IT support and customized marketing materials. So you can rest assured your clients are well served.

Powerful Programs for Your Clients

Powerful Partnerships

5 to 100 Employees

Brokers -Enroll your smaller groups now, and get the same expertise normally reserved for large corporations. Exclusive offer through PACE Advisory.

Powerful Partnerships

101 to 500 Employees

Brokers - read more about our customized programs.

Powerful Partnerships

501 Plus Employees

Brokers - get in touch for a customized quote.

ad hoc Adjudication

Brokers - get in touch for to brainstorm ad hoc and one-off requests from your clients.


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Workers’ Compensation  

Short Term Disability Claims

Une gestion des réclamations d'invalidité de courte durée qui rapporte une valeur réelle

Managing Mental Health Claims

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