Away from Work?

Does your company partner with Organizational Solutions Inc. to manage STD and WC claims? 

Here are some answers that might help if you are away. 

Common Q&As for employees away from work

if you are off work due to an accident, injury or illness, you may have some questions.

I’m going to be off work. What do I do?

If your employer partners with Organizational Solutions Inc. (OSI) to manage short term disability claim management or workers’ compensation claim management, then please follow these steps:
  • Contact your supervisor right away to report your absence or upcoming absence.
  • Your supervisor or your HR department will let you know what the next steps are, likely giving you a package with instructions to follow.
  • If so, please follow those directions carefully.

What’s an APS? Why do I need one?

An APS is an Attending Physician’s Statement. It is a form that you get from your supervisor or HR. Take it to your doctor to complete and send to us.

  • Your doctor can fax it back to us, or scan and email it to the address on the form.
  • They can also fill it out online – the URL address is on the form.
  • It’s very important that this is done right away.

Who is OSI / Organizational Solutions? Why are they calling me?

OSI is a leading Disability Management company. Our mission is the right care, at the right time, for the right outcome.™

A Recovery Facilitator from our company will be in touch with you if you’ve reported an illness or injury, to support your recovery and return to work. 

What does a Recovery Facilitator do?

Suppose you have an injury or illness that requires medical care or time away from your job. In that case, OSI’s team of Recovery Facilitators will get to work immediately to help you on your road to recovery. A Recovery Facilitator will contact you for more details about your illness or injury within 24 hours (1 business day) of being notified of the claim.

These professionals are trained in healthcare, plus they understand the roles and responsibilities of jobs in your industry.

Recovery Facilitators are there for you to answer questions, explain procedures and review treatment options. They work with you, your employer, your doctor, or other healthcare providers to ensure you get the help you need when you need it. You will be treated with dignity and respect.


To contact your Recovery Facilitator at Organizational Solutions, please call 1-866-674-7656 and press 2 to dial by first name.

What about my privacy?

Your privacy is paramount to us. While you’re recovering, OSI’s team may have access to your private medical information. They take that responsibility very seriously:

  • All medical information is kept in the strictest of confidence.
  • OSI follows all privacy legislation to the letter of the law.
  • Organizational Solutions’ system and processes are secure by design, with built-in safeguards and checks.
  • OSI NEVER shares your health information with your employer, only discussing your ability to return to work.
Work Matters

Did you know that work is good for you?

That's right - research shows that work is important for more than our finances.

Being off work with an illness or injury can contribute to anxiety and feelings of depression.

Research shows that a job is a lot more important than just a way to pay our bills. Work gives us a social network outside of our families. We’re all social beings, and work provides that connection to others.

Work offers us the potential to be our best.

Psychologists say that employment gives us the chance to grow, develop, and feel part of something bigger. It actually helps us give meaning to our lives. 

“It’s just built into our DNA,” says Jacinta Jimenez, a psychologist and the head of coaching at leadership development platform BetterUp. “As human beings, we’re wired to connect, and part of our purpose is serving others or serving the greater good, something outside of us that allows us to feel more connected.”

A quick glossary of terms

Accommodation refers to any change or adaptation to the work, hours of work, work duties or workplace, and includes the provision of equipment or assistive devices. 

An attending physician statement (APS) is a report by a physician, hospital or medical facility who has treated, or who is currently treating, a person off work with a medical disability. It provides the Recovery Facilitator with medical background information.

If you are asked to provide an APS, please get the form from your supervisor or HR, and take it to your doctor to complete and return. (Directions are on the sheet.)

The inability to perform certain activities, due to functional impairment.

An IME is an independent medical examination, and it is conducted to determine the cause and extent of an individual’s injury and provide an objective third-party assessment of the patient’s medical status.

This occurs when changing the duties of the pre-injury job to accommodate the worker’s functional restrictions as a result of the injury. Modified work includes altering or removing some duties while the worker is still primarily in his or her pre-injury position.

A pharmacogenetics test analyzes how the genetic makeup of an individual affects response to drugs. Just like DNA is different among people, the ability to assimilate prescription medications can vary from person to person.

A pharmacogenetics test can help confirm that you are on the correct medicine and dosage to get well. Your doctor orders the test, which is a simple swab and science takes it from there.

Organizational Solutions Inc. can facilitate the pharmacogenetics test. 

A professional, often with a trained medical background, who will support your safe and sustainable return to work after an injury or illness.

RTW stands for return to work. MRTW is modified return to work.

Leave of absence.

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