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Smart, supportive claims management starts here!

Workplace absence and disability can have a tremendous impact, financially and in human terms.

Organizational Solutions Inc. can help. We offer return to work programs focused on guiding your employees to a safe, sustainable, and timely return.

As leaders in our field, we’ve built a thriving practice around our mission:

The right care, at the right time, for the right outcome!

The right care, at the right time

for the right outcome!

The power of work

Work is core to our well-being and sense of self. OSI can help return your people to all the benefits of employment after an injury or illness. Quickly, safely and sustainably. More about why work matters>

Leave WC Boards to Us

Think you don't have the tools to question the Boards' decisions? Leave it to us; we have the expertise and tenacity to support you. We don't quit until we get fair results. How we help you manage Workers' Comp Claims>

The Right Team

We hire healthcare professionals to manage claims, start to finish. They will guide your employee back to work with empathy and concern. Read more about the Organizational Solutions Difference>

Services that Matter

Count on OSI for a full menu of complementary services, from second opinions and IMEs to exceptional mental health care programs, we're here for you. More services that deliver the right outcome>


The disability management field is continuously evolving, and some would argue it’s getting much more complex. Mental health issues, often challenging to manage, are on the rise. Organizational Solutions is at the leading edge of research, developing best responses to the latest trends. We are committed to keeping our Clients up to date on the latest developments.

More about managing mental health claims

an expert team

Our Recovery Facilitators are educated and well trained in best-practice disability management. Plus, they’re supported by the best technology, resources, and information available.

unrivalled reporting

We deliver reports tailored to fit your company’s specific requirements. They’re complex, not complicated. Real-time status updates, tracking, reporting and trend analysis.

iron-clad standards

We live it: the importance of accurate and effective case monitoring and reporting along with clearly defined and processes and procedures. That’s why our Standard Operating Procedures are an integral part of every employee’s day. Every day.

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Customer reviews

If you'd like to know more about what makes our 1,000+ clients happy, give us a call at 1-866-674-7656. We'd be glad to share specific accolades. Our clients commend just how responsive we are - helping their employees navigate the sometimes-complicated healthcare system and responding to their requests. They are delighted with the range and flexibility of reporting OSI offers. Clients are more than business connections; they're unique individuals we are proud to support.
Dr. Liz R. Scott, CEO
Dr. Liz R. Scott, CEO
Organizational Solutions Inc.
"Since OSI's program, we've made a number of substantive changes to the RTW program, and these have resulted in significant improvement in program quality, effectiveness, and reputation across the organization."
Customer Reviews
Michelle B.
Leading Canadian University
“We admire your passion and continued support as we educate our partners on these new ways of working.”
Customer Reviews
Katrina B.
"Organizational Solutions helps ensure employers treat all workers the same regardless of why they're off work. OSI has unique skills in working with management to ensure workers are treated fairly and return to work following an injury or illness."
Customer Reviews
Sharon M.
Canadian Trade Labour Union
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