We are an expert and established organization specializing in one thing: managing workplace absence to save clients money

Workplace absence and disability can have a tremendous impact, financially and in human terms. Organizational Solutions Inc. can help. We offer return to work programs focused on guiding your employees to a safe, sustainable, and timely return.

From short term disability, workers’ compensation claims management, to leaves management, Organizational Solutions responds to the unique needs of each client with expertise and experience.


Clients count on our full-time salaried experts to ensure that an ill or injured employee is on the right path to a safe, fast and sustainable recovery. From managing all paperwork and communications to insightful analysis of absence data, OSI has the whole team covered.


Managing Workers’ Compensation claims can be a daunting and time-consuming task. It demands significant resources, knowledge, and expertise, and small mistakes can lead to significant issues.


But since we began in 2003, OSI has helped thousands of businesses save time, money, and resources on Workers’ Compensation claims. Just as importantly, we’ve kept our clients compliant thanks to our unmatched speed, accuracy and flexibility.


RECOVERY FACILITATORS with trained medical backgrounds manage each case from start to finish with empathy and care.

PROVEN PROCESSES AND PROCEDURES to deliver faster, safer results. The goal: return to work. The proof: staying at work.

EARLY INTERVENTION and high-touch communications keep the employee positive and moving forward.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, featuring a robust claims platform to deliver real time status  updates and powerful insights.

Ready to transform how your organization handles absence and short-term disability challenges? Contact us today to unlock tailored solutions that empowers your workforce to return to work swiftly, safely, and sustainably!

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