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CompCall has been proudly served  Canadian employers with Disability Management Services for 30 years. Now, CompCall is excited to announce that we have recently partnered with Organizational Solutions Inc. (OSI) to provide you with even more support and options for managing your Disability Management Programs.


OSI is a forerunner in Disability Management with more than 20 years experience in every province and territory. A Canadian company, OSI has offices located across the country. OSI and CompCall share a vision and commitment to put our clients and their employees at the center of everything we do. This will be a good fit for all!

Shannon Buxton

Friends at Organizational Solutions Inc. are saddened to announce the sudden passing of Shannon Buxton on August 22, 2023. 

As the President and Owner of CompCall for over 30 years, Shannon pioneered Canadian workplace disability management strategies and methodology. She was a certified Disability Management Professional through the National Institute of Disability Management & Research. She was also a member of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association, the Disability Managers Employers Coalition, and the International Disability Managers Association.

Her dedication to the industry and its professionals was exceptional; Shannon worked very closely with benefits providers and employers to improve the delivery of benefits to disabled employees to ensure a timely and successful return to work. She also continued to explore ways to improve the claims management process and delivery of healthcare services through consultation with insurance companies, employers and disabled workers. 

Shannon will be missed by many.

Here is what is not changing:

  • CompCall staff are not going anywhere
  • Clients will remain with their existing CompCall team
  • The high level of customer service you count on will not change
  • CompCall’s relationship with our valued clients remains intact under the OSI banner

CompCall clients will enjoy these OSI benefits  immediately:

  • A robust portal that supports online claims reporting; client specific claims usage, data reports and more
  • Access to a wider range of Medical Professionals to assist with the claim
  • Access to a broader group of Disability Management Specialists
  • The choice of having files managed in Alberta or anywhere in Canada
  • A 24-hour emergency assistance line 

Together, we’re even better!

“Change is the catalyst that propels businesses forward and enables them to reach new heights.”

-Richard Branson

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