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Meet the OSI Team

Dr. Liz R Scott, PHD, MENG, MBA, MSC, BSC, RN, COHN-S, CRSP, CDMP CEO / Principal


Dr. Liz Scott, CEO of Organizational Solutions Inc., is a standout leader in Disability Management. Known for cost-saving innovations and expertise in risk mitigation, her company excels in People, Process, and Technology.

Specializing in disability management across industries, offering cutting-edge programs like Cognability and Healthcare Navigation. Dr. Liz Scott’s diverse background includes executive roles in various sectors and academia, where she’s taught at prestigious universities.

Holding multiple degrees and certifications, including PhDs in Industrial Psychology and Organizational Behaviour, she brings a wealth of expertise to her leadership role at Organizational Solutions Inc. As a renowned speaker and author, she’s been featured in prominent media outlets and is committed to advancing research on topics like PTSD and Recovery, promoting evidence-based solutions in Disability Management.

Jim Newman, BA, VP Business Development


With over 25 years of experience in the consumer-packaged goods industry, Jim Newman brings a wealth of expertise to client relationships and project delivery. His comprehensive knowledge spans manufacturing, over the road trucking, retail sales, and office environments, making him an invaluable asset to any team.

Jim’s outstanding ability to nurture client relationships is matched by his sales success and commitment to delivering top and bottom-line results. With a degree in Economics from McMaster University, he understands the financial intricacies of client concerns and prioritizes return-on-investment. From grassroots sales to key leadership positions in multinational organizations, Jim’s passion, drive, and creative problem-solving skills have consistently driven outstanding sales growth.

Recognized for his flawless execution and dedication to partnership-based solutions, Jim is committed to enabling business and personal growth through strategic project management and collaboration.

Vicky Collette, B.Sc., CAT(C) Disability Management Specialist


Vicky who is our Client Lead and our Team Lead for Short Term Disability and Leave of Absence Team, graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and became a Certified Athletic Therapist in 1998.

She has worked with athletes of all levels, including nationally credited athletes. Vicky is a Certified Athletic Therapist with over 16 years of experience in rehabilitation and disability claims management. Her experience includes progressive return-to-work programs, ergonomic workstation evaluations, conducting return-to-work meetings, and working with multidisciplinary teams. Vicky has worked for a major insurance company, where she effectively managed claims through early intervention strategies.

She believes in active treatment and accommodating an employee at work so that the employee can return to work in a timely and durable manner.

Theresa Baker-Gagnon, Workers’ Compensation Specialist and Licensed Paralegal


Theresa, who is our Workers’ Compensation Team Lead is an experienced paralegal with 14 years of expertise in workers’ compensation claims, cost relief strategies, and appeals.

Licensed by the Law Society of Ontario after graduating from the triOS College paralegal program in 2010, she has handled a wide range of cases including disability and HR matters across various legal firms. Theresa excels in trial preparation, legal research, client advocacy, and extends her expertise to human resources and retail management.

Known for her leadership, conflict resolution skills, and customer service commitment, she aims to enhance employer success by advising on legislative compliance, implementing effective cost mitigation practices, ensuring timely and safe employee return to work, and focusing on injury prevention strategies.

Michele Goncalves, Workers Compensation Coordinator and Licensed Paralegal


Michele has seven years of client service experience. With her knowledge in both areas, she has learned how to effectively build client relationships and manage staff. This has shaped how she approaches clients and employees in that she works with them to achieve the best solution for their needs.

Michele graduated successfully with Honours from Sheridan College’s paralegal program. Furthermore, the Law Society of Ontario has licensed her to be a paralegal in Ontario. Michele completed 120 hours of field placement at a legal firm, where she gained experience in drafting case briefs, reviewing disclosure packages, conducting legal research, and more.

Michele’s approach to workers’ compensation combines her expertise and passion for the law to achieve a safe and effective return to work. She ensures a fair and balanced outcome for her clients.

Roula Bazi, Disability Management Specialist


Roula has accumulated over a decade of invaluable experience in Disability Management, with a strong emphasis on oncology as a Registered Nurse (RN). Armed with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, she has dedicated herself to guiding individuals through the challenging process of returning to work following illness or injury, particularly within the oncology.

Throughout her career, Roula has honed her skills in coordinating care, advocating for patients, and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to ensure the best possible outcomes. Her depth of knowledge and hands-on experience enable her to navigate complex medical situations with empathy and expertise.

Roula’s passion for helping others extends beyond the clinical setting; she is deeply committed to empowering individuals to regain independence and productivity in their professional lives. Whether it’s providing emotional support, facilitating accommodations, or navigating legal complexities, Roula stands as a steadfast advocate for those navigating the challenges of disability management. Her dedication, coupled with her extensive background, makes her a trusted ally in the journey toward recovery and reintegration into the workforce.

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Client Testimonial

Here’s what Jenn Odorico, HR Consultant, Employee Health and Wellness at the City of Burlington, had to say about working with the OSI team.

What led you to the decision to use OSI for dedicated support for your disability claims? 
How do you find working with the OSI team members?
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