Managing COVID-19 in the workplace
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Confidential Employee Surveys
Taking your organization's temperature
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Vaccine Exemptions
Keeping medical information private, and you informed
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COVID's mental health impacts
The coming mental health Tsunami
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Read more about our evidence and fact-based support programs for effectively returning to the workplace post-COVID

Canada’s leading disability management provider – Organizational Solutions Inc. – can provide you with COVID-19 support services as part of a larger workplace management program or as a stand-alone project.

Read more about what makes us different or view our complete list of workplace absence management programs.

So many questions around COVID-19 and return to the workplace

Can employees insist on working from home?

What is their intent to vaccinate?

How do your employees feel about returning to work?

What are the differences between federal public service employees and the balance of the workforce?

Are there be consequences for people who do not follow physical distancing and other protocols in place?

Will staff who don’t feel safe returning to a large workplace before the virus is eradicated be forced to return? If so, how can organizations help to ease their concerns?

Employee survey

Confidential Employee Surveys

Taking your organization’s temperature

Don’t guess how your employees feel about returning to work in the ‘new normal.’ A confidential survey conducted by OSI can give you the answers you need while reducing your team’s anxiety at sharing potentially negative feedback.
Instead, an OSI survey will analyze confidential feedback and provide your company with aggregated results and insights.

See some sample COVID survey questions.

Read about how we protect your employees’ privacy.

Vaccine Exemptions

Keeping medical information private, and you informed

Can you compel employees to have the COVID-19 vaccination? What are the consequences if they don’t? And how will you know?

OSI will assist you with identifying the validity of objections while keeping medical information private and keeping you informed. We can also collect and manage proof of vaccination data for you.

accurate and confidential records

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