An Ergonomic Assessment by Organizational Solutions Inc. evaluates the workplace environment with your employee.

There are many benefits for your employees in the prevention of health issues, such as repetitive strain injuries, which can develop over time and lead to long-term disability.


Claim Management

Our Health Professionals and Specialists are specifically trained, experienced, qualified and up to date on the latest Ergonomic guidelines.

We conduct an objective assessment of specific job requirements, including an interview and observation with the employee. Our detailed assessment identifies areas that could be improved and fixes the issues before they become a larger problem.

We consistently reduce costs associated with disability, absenteeism and / or Workers' Compensation for the Employer.


Return to Work

We conduct a detailed observation and assessment of a particular employee and their workstation, equipment and work practices commonly used.

This allows us to develop recommendations regarding potential modifications to the workstation as well as optimal work postures, methods and practices allowing an employee to safely perform their employment position.

Our certified Ergonomic specialists produce detailed reports and recommendations on every assessment.

Employees find this a highly beneficial service, ensuring that they have optimized and safe workplaces, preventing time away from their role due to injury.


Appeals and Tribunals

Employees in optimized and safe working conditions are more enthusiastic, productive and happy in their jobs.

For employers, an Ergonomic Evaluation by Organizational Solutions Inc. can achieve two goals in your workforce: health and productivity. This can translate into significant cost savings for Employers, reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity and lowering the risk of any issues that could eventually develop into a short or long term disability.

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