At Organizational Solutions Inc., our team of Disability Management Specialists, including Doctors, Registered Nurses, Healthcare Professionals, and Recovery Facilitators are your employee's first point of contact.


Early InterventionProfessional help right from the beginning ensures the primary goal is to identify capability, get the right diagnosis and care and remove any barriers preventing individuals from a suitable, safe and productive return to work.

Our first-hand experience and inside knowledge of what works for different industries in each province results in less time away for the employee and significant cost savings for our clients as well as sympathetically managing the physical and emotional human impact of injury, illness or disability.

Around a quarter of all claims we manage are Mental Health related and we have the right people, skills and processes to successfully manage these.



Care Management

Our highly qualified team use their experience and insightful communication between the Employer, the Employee and any Treating Physicians or Healthcare Professionals to get the quickest, safest results for everyone, aiming to always reduce any likelihood of any relapses.



Return To Work

We view disability management as treating both the patient and the plan. We recognize that a well-designed program takes into consideration both the medical and other factors. (e.g., family issues, relationships with co-workers, perceptions about health and illness etc.)

We know matching employee capabilities to their work tasks is key to success, with resulting policies and procedures based on what we know works.

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