When an absence occurs, Organizational Solutions Inc. will ensure strategies are in place to address the absence in a way that supports healthy workplace relations.

The establishment of an Attendance Management and Support Program can assist in clearly defining an organization's position on attendance and how they will manage it.


Claim Management

We will ensure your policies and procedures meet the case law requirements while supporting the rights of employers to establish attendance management protocols.

This program includes strategies to address legitimate absenteeism from a company specialising in Disability Management, Short Term Disability, and Workers' Compensation. Policies and procedures will also be put into place to address culpable (deliberate and/or intentional ) absenteeism.

Visibility of our program to aid the morale and retention of your employees.


Return to Work

We will help you to identify the specific requirements for adequate documentation to support an absence.

The vast majority of absences are due to genuine employee illness and disability (physical and mental), Organizational Solutions Inc.'s core business manages these through our Disability Management Services.

Reasons for culpable absenteeism are varied and can include causes stemming from poor relationships with management, organizational culture, and / or ineffective attendance management policies and practices.


Appeals and Tribunals

At time the employee will require early intervention to ensure approriate medical intervention to resolve the issues that lead to the absence.

Organizational Solutions Inc.'s team include healthcare professionals (including Registered Nurses and Staff Physicians) linked into a fully audited Network of Treatment Providers.

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